Our Services 

The following principle services are rendered by L&L Agricultural Services to mainly agricultural clients:
• Provide basic legal services, technical advice and consulting support.
• Assist in the planning and management of agricultural projects.
• Manage and administer funds and the utilisation thereof for specific projects.
• Manage promotional and advertising campaigns.
• Provide managerial, administrative, secretarial and linguistic services to agricultural and other entities.

Some of the more salient recent actions and projects that L & L Agricultural Services have been or are still involved in are as follows:
 Project coordinator and project leader in a feasibility study on the upgrading of the silo complex in the Maputo harbour for the Mozambican Company “Stema” during 1998 and 1999.
 One of the members of a task team that did a feasibility study on privatising the agricultural entity “ADMARC” in Malawi during 1999.
 Administer the Maize Forum and the Wheat Forum. These Forums consist of all the directly affected parties in the South African maize and wheat industries.  L&L Agricultural Services also provides administrative and secretarial services to the Committees of these Forums.
 Manages and administers the Maize Trust, the Sorghum Trust and the Sasol Agricultural Trust and renders secretarial services to these Trusts.  The Trusts’ objectives are to fund projects in the South African agricultural industries relating to market information, market and production research and market access.  As Administrators, L&L Agricultural Services not only advises the Trusts on the projects that should be funded, but also manages and administers the affairs of the Trusts and monitors the projects that are annually funded by the Trusts.
 Manages and administers the Bureau for Food and Agricultural Policy (BFAP) since March 2015.

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